Not sure how to take care of your items? We got you covered. 

Wash instructions 
From T-shirts to crewnecks, to preserve the best quality always wash your items at a maximum of 30 degrees, if you have a printed item make sure to wash it inside out

Tumble dry 
Are you insane? Next to the fact that using a tumble dryer machine is extremely high in energy use it is also horrible for your clothes. You want to use it anyway? This is at your own risk. 

All the fabrics we use are high quality left-over fabrics. These fabrics are left-over from a producer point of view, sometimes because of minor flaws, sometimes because the colors is just not right for their clients, but for us they are great. Working with these kinds of fabrics means that there could be minor color discolorations. 

Unfortunately clothing is not indestructible, even tough we always try to select the best fabrics and yarns in our process it could happen that a seam, hem or any part that has been sewed breaks down. If this occurs make sure to contact us, send us a picture of the fault, and we are more than happy to come up with a solution. 

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