Brands with balls: Patagonia, Carhartt, Patta

Patagonia fights tooth and nail to create a better world, Patta singlehandedly charted the Dutch sneaker scene. As for Carhartt, they don't need any introduction. These are brands with balls, and all three of them inspire Schrav to this day.

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Brand on a mission

While the entire fashion industry was being grounded by corporate greed, Patagonia stood strong . This outdoor-brand, currently also producing streetwear, has been pioneering sustainability for nearly 50 years. In 1996, nobody was interested in the use of bio-cotton, Patagonia was.. In fact, because of the unavailability of green cotton at that time, they collaborated with farmers to be able to grow the more sustainable version. Hemp and recycled plastics to produce clothing? These days, this is common sustainability practice, but in the 90’s, Patagonia was way ahead .


This brand is sustainable in heart and soul, and shows that they are willing to go the distance to produce their clothing as carbon-neutral as possible. It does not stop there: as an outdoor-brand, the company wants to repay nature. Patagonia chose ‘creating a better world’ as their main goal decades ago. They are still in this: environmental campaigns are a core part of the company identity. 1% of sales flow directly to climate preserving organisations. Additionally, Patagonia fights everything that hurts the environment, e.g. oil pipelines, deforestations and last but not least the devastating policies of the Trump administration..


What makes Patagonia great? This brand is more than a clothing-producing company. They fight for a better world, using shirts and trousers as a means. It is working, judging from a billion dollars in yearly revenue and millions of yearly sales worldwide.


Don’t buy this jacket
Making that many sales in itself is not that sustainable, but the people over at Patagonia know that. That is why they ran ads on page size in American newspapers on Black Friday The message? ‘Don’t buy this jacket’.A statement against the greedy culture of more stuff with an important message: think before you buy. Do you buy responsibly produced clothing, with lifelong warranty and free repairs (because that is what Patagonia offers), or do you go for cheap clothes that are thrown out after washing them twice? Easy choice, right?

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Workwear made of extremely firm fabrics

Next upNext up: Carhartt. This USA-based brand do not top the sustainability-charts, but there is one thing they do really well: delivering quality. The Carhartt roots are in the rail industry. When steam, metal and locomotives were still thriving, rail workers needed warm and firm clothes to let them do their jobs. Carhartt produced it.


After a while, the rest ofworking classAmerica’s working class noticed that this company delivered quality. The rest is history. Carhartt equals solid quality. They have nothing to prove and do not give a shit about fashion trends. Their design is eternal: the overalls they sold in 1889 are still part of their product range, minor modifications aside.


Carhartt streetwear
Carhartt became a great brand by sticking to their roots. While hiphop culture embraced workwear (The clip of Mobb Deep’s Survival of the fittest is all but a Carhartt commercial), the brand landed in the streetwear scene. They crossed the Atlantic to Europe and lead the market up till this day with their eternal design, constantly hearing one message in the backs of their heads: we deliver quality.

Community building? Meet Patta

Looking for unique sneakers in The Netherlands of the 00’s? Difficult one. The scene was chaotic and sneakerheads ventured their way to get perfect pairs. Among them, two guys from Amsterdam with a passion for exclusive sneakers. One difference between them and the rest: these guys took some extra boxes and sold them in their shop – the birth of Patta.


On the ‘Zeedijk’ in Amsterdam, their store grew to be the centre of the Dutch sneaker scene. Even now, while two clicks bring you to every possible shoe in the world, their shops keeps being unique. From Nike to Vansalmost every sneaker brand collaborated with Patta at some point. 50 releases (and counting) with famous brands prove that.


Brand that attracts
Nowadays, Patta is more than a meeting point for sneaker-lovers. The logo, designed by Piet Parra, is so attractive that adolescents happily spend their hard-earned waiter-money on shirts that show it as big as possible. The brand is sold worldwide and all their clothing is sold like hot cakes. By jumping in a sneaker-hole, Patta became the leaders of the Dutch and international sneaker- and streetwear scene.

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