Re-army bag – desert camo


The re-army bag is a heavy-duty bag made from old army jackets. Since different jackets are used every bag is different. Not only the size but also small details, like the zippers and labels are different. As always fitted with the classic Schrav logo patch. Leftover materials never looked this good. 


  • Every bag has two big front packets with push buttons.
  • Every bag comes with a high-quality zipper for secure closure.
  • The size of the bag can be adjusted using the side straps or the pull cord on the inside.
  • Every bag has a different size. The most common one is 50cm X 50cm. There are bigger ones and smaller ones so please let us know your size preference during the order process.
  • this items comes in a limited quantity of 30 pieces.

Let op

Elke Re-army bag was ooit een gebruikte jas. Dit betekend dat de materialen voor de bag al eens eerder gebruikt zijn. Het kan dus voorkomen dat er lichte beschadigingen zijn te vinden op zowel de stof, de rits, de labels of andere elementen van tas. Uiteraard is de tas van hoge kwaliteit maar wees je er bewust van dat de Re-army bag niet van nieuwe materialen is gemaakt.