Not everyone is about dropping fast fashion and turning into sustainability. But are we aware of the real price of our clothing? Following the process of its production, we will be focusing on who really is behind our clothing.

On this event we’re going to listen to the ones who have been inside the industry and to the one that explores its’ environmental impact through an academic perspective. Together, we’ll become more aware of the social and environmental impact of fashion.

By who?

In collaboration with student association of Radboud University, Agreen, Schrav is hosting a fundraiser. 

Our aim is to bring people together and to hold a fundraiser for a project initiated by the House of Compassion. House of compassion is a non-profit organisation that supports people in need in Nijmegen. 

The project is called “Go Green” and it’s all about helping refugees with their household situation, giving advice on how to reduce usage of gas and electricity, how to sort waste properly and combining sustainability with inclusion. The philosophy of this project aligns with both Agreen’s and Schrav’s vision. 



Practical information

Entrance-fee: pay what you want, everything goes right into the fundraiser
Location: Hal 7, at Stichting Hubert, Sint Hubertusstraat 10, 6531LB Nijmegen
Date: 15th December

Lets us know if you come 

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